Dubology Studios Presents A New Mobile
Recording/Mixing Facility, Designed To Provide The Best
Attributes Of A Large-scale Facility And Bring It To Your Event...

The Dubmobile

  • Quick park plug and play functionality
  • 2 Air conditioned spaces, control and machine room
  • Digico DS00 console with automation and virtual sound check
  • Genelec 5.1 audio monitoring with Autocal
  • Pro Tools HD, Nuendo and Digital Performer available on Apple Mac
  • Electrical, recording and signal redundancy throughout
  • Comprehensive visual monitoring of computers and multi-view camera feeds
  • Practical and versatile vehicle with a mere 2.8 height clearance
  • Ample space for two operators and flexibility to customize required outboard
  • Highly skilled friendly staff


When a show needs to be ready for live broadcast, web streaming, CD or DVD production, Dubology Studios has developed a process that will help you achieve that final result you are looking for with maximum quality. While coordinating with your given budgets and requirements, our expertise and numerous professional associations are readily available to find the best solution to your project.

Recording is ultimately the act of capturing audio. It is our goal to deliver the best possible recording and in that we have succeeded. Now, we provide you with a complete mixing environment to make sure the job is done exactly how you want to hear it.

Our facility is designed to do more than house equipment. It’s a fully-fledged studio, and it’s also a work environment. If the end result is creativity, our mix space is designed to push you to create.

So, What Makes The Dubmobile Special?

The main room is our mixing and creative environment. Air conditioned and ample for two operators.

It houses our mixing console, the Digico DS00 32 faders, capable of processing 128 channels of audio at any one given time wether there are stereo or mono (or 96 if internal effects are used).

Up to 5.1 monitoring is done by the sophisticated Genelec 8130A Digital Monitoring System with proprietary Auto Cal, allowing fully flexible presets to suit users versus acoustic environment and even musical genre.

Four 20 inches flat screens give you a comprehensive view of on board computers, console overview, multi-view cameras and any outside vision feeds.

A fifth screen located at the rear “edit bench”, allows a second operator to be the on-line audio editor on Pro Tools HD or be in command of audio replay.

The second room is our machine room. Air-conditioned to maintain equipment at an optimum temperature.

Here, you will find the heart of our recording system made of two Apple Mac towers with dual RME Madi cards to provide a complete redundancy of up to 112 audio tracks (24bit-48kHz). A third Apple Mac provides Pro Tools HD for extra tracking and playback (up to 64 ch).

A Zandar DX allows viewing of up to 16 vision sources in one screen. Preview and Main can always be patched directly to two separate screens.

Remember we are all about flexibility and practicality.

Digiracks that contain analogue and digital IO configurable collect all audio inputs remotely from a stage or TV studio to any specification. All connected via Optocore fiber optics multicore with redundant loop and MADI coax for backup.

A Mini-digirack takes care of all internal audio IO for monitoring and outboard.

A reliable and stable 2kVa UPS safeguards all electronics on eventual power failures from the outside world.

Our Services

Two of the most important things in doing a remote recording or mix. Quality, speed, and flexibility provides a turn-key solution for any audio situation. Save time and money.

The portability and modular nature of our package allows us to go into and set up any situation.

You can record, mix, or produce in any location. From an Outside Broadcast truck, to a backstage room, to the rooftop of a high raise building, are no limits as to where we can go.

This flexibility, commitment to quality, and together with our highly skilled and experienced staff makes our company a unique full service provider.



We are equipped to generate broadcast quality signal so that you can broadcast from anywhere in crystal clear audio.



We can record at any location with complete clarity. Our Digico console can capture as many tracks as you wish to throw at us, with no problem...



We can mix on location or during post. The portability and flexibility of our equipment means that it does not matter where you are, or where you want to be, we will alway make you sound just right!

About us


Ivan is one true passionate audio professional.

His academic achievements range from his undergraduate engineering and music studies at University of Chile, Diploma of Audio Engineerig from SAE, and post- graduate studies in Sound Design at Sydney University.

15 years of audio experience have taken this man around the world on many tours as a System Engineer and as Front of House & Monitor specialist.

His credits on the live field, just to name a few, are Oasis (Australian Tour), Metallica (Sth American Tours), Guy Sebastian and The Stax Band Australian Tour (FOH), Grinspoon (Monitors), Festival de Viña del Mar (FOH, MON, Broadcast).

In the studio, Ivan’s most notable work would have to be his involvement in the production of renowned Chilean Reggae Band Gondwana, as a recording and mixing engineer.

In recent years his participation in the broadcast industry, has evolved at rapid pace. He currently services the technical musical production necessities of the Australian Seven Network. On their daily morning programs – Sunrise & The Morning Show – Ivan either caters for monitors or broadcast mix every national and international artist that goes through the studios.

Additionally, Ivan is fluent in English and Spanish, a skilful Production Manager and devoted family man.

Our Gear



5.1 Adam self powered monitors Stereo Tannoy Dual Concentric Little Gold Monitors powered by Amcron PS400 class A ampifier Stereo Yamaha NS10M studio nearfield monitors power by Amcron D-75A Class A amplifier.

Local Rack

Local Rack

Digico Minirack. 8 analog inputs and outputs, 8 digital AES/EBU outputs. Redundant power supply. Lexicon 300L with larc remote Eventide H3000 D/SE harmoniser Lexicon PCM80 Effectron II digital delay



Digico DS00 96 channel digital console. St, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 mixing with 40×8 monitor matrix. Digico EX00 fader expansion modules for a total of 32 input faders. Full power redundant



Series of LCD displays, Mac keyboards, Mac mouses, Trackballs.

Recording Rack

Recording Rack

Apple Mac G5 Dual 2.6 GHz Intel Processor, with RME MADI/HDSP card Apple Mac G5 Dual 2.6 GHz PowerPC Processor, with RME MADI/HDSP card Rosendahl NanosyncHD multistandard sync engine Apogee Big Ben master digital clock Nuendo and Digital Performer multitracking applications Metric Halo SpectraFoo audio analysing software Waves Diamond bundle effects KVM Monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to both Macs and DS00 overview Nikko 2kVa in line Power supply unit for electrical back up

Remote Stage Rack

Remote Stage Rack

Digico Digirack. 56 analog inputs with pristine preamps controlled from console, and 8 analog outputs. Redundant power supply. Optocore MADI fibre optics multicore capable of covering up 1.5Kms MADI coaxial redundant multicore

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